A message from the song writer:

Hello Friends,

When the conflict began in Syria two years ago i began keeping track of what was going on and have ever since. I have also been praying diligently for the people of Syria and speaking out in America to all i meet in my stance for peace in Syria. The saddest thing for me to see is that this war is very much affecting children. This breaks my heart. I consider myself an activist and always speak up for justice.

One day I was reading the news here in America and Syria was in the headlines. But right under that headline was a big article about the Grammys that would take place the next day (Hollywood stupidity). This juxtaposition of suffering and luxury existing so closely together in our consciousnesses, blurring the line of right and wrong, and allowing us to click on the next hot topic without a second thought struck me as terribly awry. The next day photos from the Grammys was in the spot where the article on Syria had been the day before. The Grammys had now become the most important topic. I cried for the apathy of America and i knew i had to write a song to speak out for the people of Syria. So i did. The song "Syria" was written for all the people of Syria particularly the children. Please share and spread the word of peace.

~ DeleVan DellErba

"Hey, I'm from Syria, and this i have to say is the most beautiful song i've ever heard i don't know what to say, other than thank you. this is a really beautiful song full of emotions, and it comes from a pure heart, it made me cry and become over joyed in the same time. And on behalf of everyone in Syria, thank you i really hope that one day there will be peace."
~Sal Majak


Your song is beautiful! It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen the juxtaposition of things like this. Thousands of children and their innocent families have been dying for over two years and for most of that time the world has watched in silence.

Would you mind if I share your message along with your song? I can't tell you what this will mean to my Syrian friends.

You've touched my heart. I will make sure that my friend Zaidoun and another good friend from Homs have a chance to hear it. I'll share it on my personal page as well.

Thank you so much!

Peace and love,
~Nancy Holohan"


by DeleVan


I wrote this song in honor of those who have and are innocently dying in the Syrian conflict, no matter what side they are on. When lives are cut short by the idiocy of war the only way to grieve is to have hope in a new world coming, otherwise it is too easy to get lost in the despair. This song is especially dedicated to the children of Syria.

I turned on the news today
Syria was all over the headlines
Photos of their destruction
And the unwinding timeline of their lives
I thought, “How is this entertainment
To watch their city burn?”

Next was a video of a girl who lost her left eye
‘Cause a bomb came to seal her fate from the sky
Then there was a video of the Grammys
And who was wearing the finest satin and lace
Who talked the sweetest,
Who looked the sexiest,
Who was the most stunning,
On the red carpet of blood money (2x)

One day these war-torn fields will be filled with flowers (3x)
And war will no longer take the lives of our children (2x)

We turn on the TV to see what’s going on
It doesn’t take long to see how much is wrong
And our reply is to turn a blind eye
As long as it’s not on our doorstep
We don’t have to ask why

I know their suffering, it won’t last long
Eternity has a place for their songs
They will sing it for you
They will sing it for me
They will say now we are finally free
We are redeemed
Redeemed (3x)

One day these war-torn fields will be filled with flowers (5x)
And war will no longer take the lives of our children (4x)